Scaling Up Companies Addressing Major Societal Needs

The Lightsmith Group is a private equity firm pursuing superior financial returns along with measurable social and environmental impacts by investing in companies that address major societal needs. Lightsmith partners with growth-stage companies and helps the companies scale their solutions globally.

Focus areas include technology-enabled business services and solutions in the areas of energy, water, food and agriculture, and climate resilience solutions.

Lightsmith maintains a robust Environmental & Social Management System (ESMS) which is applied to each investment. The ESMS can be viewed in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, and Malay.

The Climate Resilience Investment Opportunity

Climate Resilience Solutions and Technologies
Businesses and governments are already spending over $130 billion annually on data and analytics, resilience services, and resource efficiency technologies to manage volatility, resource scarcity, and physical damage and disruption. This spending is in several existing, fast-growing market segments that will grow even faster as businesses, governments, and consumers spend more to deal with the risks and impacts that are being intensified by climate change. Lightsmith’s 500+ company investment pipeline includes companies providing business intelligence as well as technology-enabled services that enhance resilience in areas such as supply chain analytics, weather modeling, precision agriculture, water efficiency, distributed energy, business continuity, disaster response, infrastructure engineering, and parametric insurance that will grow faster due to this macro trend.

Investment Criteria

We seek to partner with growth-stage companies meeting the following criteria:

Focus Areas

Companies providing technology-enabled business services and solutions that address critical societal needs, including in the areas of energy, water, food and agriculture, and climate resilience solutions.

Established Businesses, Ready to Scale

Have proven technologies and business models with significant revenues and demonstrated customer validation in existing markets

Attractive Economics

Attractive gross margins and ability
to grow profitability

Leading Market Position

Established a top market position within an its sub-sector or market segment

Persistent Advantage

Will be able to sustain its market position and profitability in future through a durable differentiation or competitive advantage

Superior Management

Talented management teams with proven ability to scale businesses

ESG & Metrics

Have or can put Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) processes in place and can apply key performance indicators to assess social and environmental impacts. Please see Sustainability Related Disclosures- Lightsmith Climate Resilience Partners SCSp RAIF.

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