SOURCE Global is in the Water Harvesting and Distribution Industry. The company develops, distributes, sells, and installs proprietary, off-grid, self-contained water systems (“Hydropanels”) capable of producing pure, affordable drinkable water from ambient air, powered entirely by solar energy. In 2023, SOURCE Global acquired Proud Source Water, a sustainable bottled water company. The company is domiciled in Malaysia.


Waycool Foods and Products Private Limited is in the Agriculture Supply Chain Industry. Waycool Foods is the only full-stack tech-led supply chain player in India, focusing on food cultivation, processing and distribution, while leveraging innovative technology to scale and operate a complex supply chain from fork to farm. The company has merged the physical and digital worlds for a “phy-gital” business model connecting farmers, processors, distributors and the retailers, while boosting profitability for every stakeholder. Waycool Foods products include fresh fruits and vegetables, staples, nuts and spices, dairy, and value-added products. The company is domiciled in India.


Solinftec (STEC Participações S.A.) is in the Precision Agriculture Technology Industry. Solinftec is a leading precision agriculture technology company based in Aracatuba, São Paulo, Brazil and West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. As the operating system of the farm, Solinftec uses a suite of tech-enabled hardware, IoT, and SaaS products for monitoring and optimizing on-farm operations to reduce costs and environmental impacts and to improve yields. The company’s solutions are deployed across more than 27 million acres and 11 countries.

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